More progress.


The truth about Bison's pudding


Working hard. At least trying to.


I lack titles

Sweet mother of god, what the hell am I doing?!


whatidonteven... Part II

Очередной полуночный креатив для английской дидактики.
Начинаю буянить!

"This is Bob. If Bob had super powers, he would be Kamina a super hero. But he doesn’t have any super powers. He’s not a super hero".

"This is Mary. If Mary had super powers, she would fly to school".

And behold! Bob's evil twin-brother Jim.
"This is Jim. If Jim could read minds, he would know all the answers".


Shinpachi otaku-mode figure

You wanted Shin-chan? You've got him!

Looks kinda pitiful in comparison, doesn't it? %)



Гениальнейший креатифф в 12 ночи. Бобы. Много Бобов!

This is Bob. Bob used to drink tea with sugar. Now he drinks tea without sugar!

This is Mary. Mary used to play with dolls in her childhood. Now she doesn't do it anymore!

And some birdy friends...


Commission progress stages

For the art blog not to disappear because of extinction, I'll be posting commission progress stages also.